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Mesin Slot Online Tergacor. Batam – Governor of the Riau Islands (Kepri), Ansar Ahmad reacted to a situation of alleged corruption in the payment of incomes to make believe honorary workers at the secretariat of the Islands DPRD which has been examined by the authorities. The governor confessed that he respected and would certainly follow developments in the lawful process. King88bet slot login

King88bet slot alternatif .This situation is presently being handled by the Ditreskrimsus Polda Kepri.

“If there’s something make believe, please subsequent. Yes, we must respect the lawful process,” said Ansar Ahmad. King88bet slot alternatif

King88bet slot login .The situation is also being advised to be dealt with instantly. Specify Management Legislation Expert for Riau Islands District/Batam City Dr. Ampuan Situmeang, S.H., M.H thinks that this situation must be exposed instantly because this is a political year. King88bet slot alternatif

“Interior Provincial Federal government, in this situation the inspector, that is more appropriate, is carrying out research in partnership with detectives from the Local Authorities. The aim is to avoid practical political predisposition,” said Ampuan. King88bet slot login

King88bet slot alternatif .Inning accordance with him, it’s necessary to plainly reveal whether the number is truly 600 individuals, is it truly make believe? This requires deeper examination because it concerns Management Legislation in Federal government. King88bet slot login

Mesin Slot Online Tergacor

Such as the sufferer that reported this, after he wasn’t approved as an honorary employee, the press reporter searched for another job and wasn’t approved because BPJS Work had currently registered as an honorary individual at the Riau Islands . “Although he was registered as an honorary employee, the sufferer didn’t receive a income and didn’t know about it at all,” he said. Mesin Slot Online Tergacor

“Third, there are unethical authorities that have aides and drivers that are

registered as honorary at the Riau Islands DPRD Secretariat, although they don’t work. They work independently for unethical authorities, but are paid by the specify,” he said.

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