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Game Slot Online Terpercaya .Acting Governor of Southern Bahtiar Baharuddin turned over food aid to Head of Joko Widodo or Jokowi in Jeneponto Rule and Bantaeng Rule on Saturday (3/2/2024). The food aid provided is Federal government Reserve Rice (BCP). King88Bet link Login

In Jeneponto Rule, the delivery of was focused at Binamu Jeneponto Area. There, Acting Governor Sulawesi Bahtiar Baharuddin turned over food aid through 10 kgs of rice to recipient families (KPM).King88bet Live Chat

King88Bet link Login .Thanks to Mr Head of Joko Widodo for his help to us. “Hopefully in the future the assistance for us can proceed to increase,” said Hasnah. King88bet Live Chat

King88bet Live Chat . Hasnah also revealed his many thanks to the Acting Governor of Southern Sulawesi and the Acting Minister of Jeneponto for providing aid and for being present in their location.

King88bet Live Chat .On the other hand in Bantaeng Rule, the of aid was focused at Seruni Area. The total federal food assistance provided through the Southern Sulawesi Provincial Federal government deserves IDR 11.19 billion. This assistance will be dispersed to greater than 18,000 recipients throughout Bantaeng Rule. King88Bet link Login

Among the recipients, Indra Wati, revealed his appreciation to the main federal government, provincial government and Bantaeng RuleĀ  for providing assistance to underprivileged neighborhoods in his location. King88Bet link Login

“We are very thankful to the main federal government. Say thanks to Head of state Jokowi for providing rice assistance to us,” he said after receiving the symbolic food assistance. Game Slot Online Terpercaya

Indra Wati wishes that in the future this food reserve assistance can be

dispersed again to himself and the Bantaeng community generally.

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Another recipient, Syarif Asiz, also revealed his appreciation to Head state Joko Widodo for the assistance which truly assisted small neighborhoods such as himself.

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